Order the survey(s), we will send you a link and a paper version of the survey. When the survey is completed, we will analyse and send you reports.

In Detail

The Survey: Depending on the audience, most answers are multiple choice. This is as simple as agree/disagree answers, or on a Likert scale (strongly agree to strongly disagree). Also, depending on the audience, the survey groups the participants to compare their responses (for example boys/girls, leadership/teaching/support staff, parents of children in differing year groups). Unlike other surveys online, we also give people the chance to comment on each question. We host the survey online and will send you a short link for you to share (in your newsletters/text messages/social media/website etc). The survey will work on any device with a web browser (for example a desktop computer, tablet, phone). We will also send you a paper version which you can print and share. Should you require it, can input paper surveys on your behalf (see 'price' below).

End of Survey: We will analyse the surveys and send reports to you. This will include a summary of the results, comparison of groups, the raw data and an editable word document of comments from each question.

Ordering: Choose the survey(s) you wish to conduct to your school. We currently offer a pupil, parent and staff survey. There is a stock set of questions (viewable here) which you can amend. You can also add up to 3 custom questions of your choice. You will need to specify a start and end date.


Each survey is £100 no matter how many submissions there are. This includes setting up and hosting the survey, analysis and reports. If you wish for us to input any surveys that are paper based, you will need to send these to us securely. There will be a charge of £0.25 per form. Schools will be invoiced when the final reports are sent.

Enquiries welcome: