Should you require a different type of survey, as long as you can provide the statements, we can deliver the survey for you.
In addition to providing your own statements around a theme (for example a behaviour survey), you can ask for analysis and reports by year group, gender, pupil premium, or any other key group. You might also want to amend the response options (from a binary agree/disagree to a Likert scale).


There is an additional charge for this service and depends on the complexity of what you require. As a rough guide, if you want ten statements in your survey, require overall reports, and reports by two groups (for example by gender and by year group), then this would be approximately £200 for set-up, hosting, analysis and reports.

How to order

For a bespoke survey it would be best to discuss your requirements by phone. We will be able to give you a quote for the total cost. Alternatively please use the contact form and provide as much detail as you can.

All contact details can be found here.